Architectura P.C, Architects
  • 1 RCSD 15 Historical Facade
  • 2 RCSD 15 Gymnasium
  • 3 RCSD 15 Renovated Historical Entry
  • 4 RCSD 15 Classroom
  • 5 RCSD 15 Legacy Classroom
  • 6 RCSD 15 Library
  • 7 RCSD 15 Cafeteria
  • 8 RCSD 15 Addition and Historical Elevations


RCSD Children’s School of Rochester

Location: Rochester, New York
Market: K-12 Education, Interior Design

Project Lead: Moody Nolan


Local architectural team member for school-wide renovations and addition to a school building designed and constructed in 1921. The program for the building was to provide a modernized Elementary School, including Pre-K through 6th grade, with an enrollment of 398 students. In the renovation portion of the project, the design respected the existing fabric of the building’s architecture and finishes to the fullest extent possible.

Architectura’s scope of services: Client contact, code review, SED paperwork, SHPO paperwork, local coordination with the consultant team, masonry restoration, construction observation.





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