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  • 1 Alleghany Bradford Corp  Entrance
  • 2 Alleghany Bradford Corp  Aeriel
  • 3 Alleghany Bradford Corp  Break Room
  • 4 Alleghany Bradford Corp  Manufacturing


Alleghany Bradford Corporation

Location: Lewis Run, Pennsylvania
Market: Industrial, Interior Design

Photography: John Griebsch


ABC has long stood for excellence in stainless-steel manufacturing. The new 40,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing space houses trenches designed for compressed air & argon lines throughout. The space also required specialized air rotation, 30’ high crane bays, compressor room, testing area and lighting due to the nature of their product line. The new space allows ABC to produce a product line that is all but exclusive to the United States and worldwide. The adjacent offices and related spaces were designed with customizability so that office arrangements would be in concert with growing needs. The building as a whole mimics ABC’s product offering – clean, crisp and precise lines that command the design and it is all accomplished within a building shell that was economical and expandable.




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