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Bristol Residence

Location: Bristol, NY
Market: Single-Family New Construction

Whether it’s called classic, vintage, rustic, or traditional, farmhouse style has a historic place in America. Drawing from the farm homes of early settlers, this style mimics the look and feel of days past. It incorporates the simplified, minimalistic décor molded by the surroundings of farmhouse residents and their need for sturdy, practical furnishings.

Placed upon a hill with a panoramic view of the Finger Lakes region a quintessential “Little House on the Prairie”, was born. This Modern farmhouse design uses elements from adjacent farmhouses and barns. Design for a comfortable, relaxed farmhouse style with smooth lines, glossy accents, and neutral color schemes. It’s less rustic, more sophisticated, and uses contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and sleek lighting.

Farm homes usually had paneled wood walls, wide-plank floors, and exposed wood beams. Today’s classic farmhouse style often uses barn board for accent paneling and butcher block for countertops.




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